Sunday, August 19, 2012

Washington, DC Trip Part 8

On Wednesday Michael dropped us off at the National Building Museum.  We had to pay admission, but it was worth it.  The kids had a blast at the Building Zone and in the Lego Architecture room.  They had more Legos than I had ever seen before in my life.  They also had models of sky scrapers from around the world.  My kids were in heaven!  After the museum, we walked over to Union Station for lunch.  We also got to go to the National Postal Museum.  I had really wanted to see it and I’m glad we got the chance.  After that, we caught the Metro back to the hotel and had dinner there.

I am so glad we found this museum.  After our fun day, I told a number of people with young boys about it.  Here they are in front of a Lego model at the entrance.

This area was called the Building Zone.  They had puzzles, trains, crafts, a playhouse, and blocks.  This was geared toward little ones, but all of the kids had fun.

Here is Andrew playing dress up in the Building Zone.

Lego Mania!
Daniel and his creation

The kids could build whatever they want, and then put it on this big display table. 

Once kids had to go, they just left behind their creation.  Jonny kept walking around and commandeering other kids' Lego buildings and making them his own.  He had no problem climbing right up to find the piece he wanted.

Emily built the Washington Monument.

I think he might have done this one all on his own.

Nathaniel's creation
He worked really hard on it.

If you go to DC and you have young kids, you have to go to the National Building Museum!

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